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A pickup truck, often simply referred to as a pickup or pick-up, is a light motor vehicle with an open-top, rear cargo area (bed).
In North America, the term pickup is used for light trucks with a lighter duty chassis and factory built, integrated bed, as well as for coupé utility vehicles, often based on a personal car chassis, but also often on a special dedicated chassis for such use.
Some countries have their own terms similar to pickup, such as ‘utility or ute in Australia and New Zealand, or bakkie in South Africa. Large pickup trucks are somewhat rare in Europe, where vans and light lorries are commonly used for similar roles.
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We are proud of the trucks & rides we build and restore:
  • 1937 Chevrolet Pick-up
  • 1937 Ford Pick-up
  • 1952 Schwinn Bicycle
  • 1969 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser
  • 1991 Ford Bronco
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